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      Wen 'an Xin Da Ao Xing Metal Construction Material Co., Ltd is an emerging,innovative, and melt production and sales sole proprietorship company.we use imported high-quality galvanized sheet as raw materials, to produce high-quality 3D Grooved, Flat grooved, Flat T Grid, FUT T Grid, TSTUD Track.Vmold,Urring Channel ,Main Channel,Accessories, all kinds of batten , H type keel and accessories.The rich colors and styles suply unlimited imagination and aesthetic pleasure to the designers and users, provide the ideal product to the construction decoration, building decoration, building materials and decorationdecoration market .
We will always have full confidence to provide you the latest and most high-quality products, with the greatest enthusiasm dedicated to you the most complete service, for you to create a more perfect space.
My company own import and export rights, welcome friends from all circles to come to visit!
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